Thank you, so right on. I sense the genderbeast coiling and shapeshifting, regrouping to strike in new ways to shut us up. All we have is the truth and each other. "Power never cedes without a fight and the gender industry has the full weight of the banks, tech industry, and Big Pharma behind them. But the real war is finally on - not the fake culture war of “tran$” versus “cis,” but the war of reality against anti-reality - a transhumanist culture war. We will win, as long as we stand together. Those who are religious and atheists, those on the left and right sides of the political spectrum, parents and those who are child free, LGB and heterosexuals, etc. We must all stand together and center reality in this fight. We must win. The alternative is unthinkable."

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Thank you Jennifer.. excellent work.! I am cross posting..

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The same Western elites who could openly state that willfully bringing about the deaths of a half-a-million Iraqi children was - quote - "worth it" - want us to believe they - "care about" - children?

I just watched your old interview on "Whose Body Is It Anyway" yesterday and I was blown away. Thank you for your work Jennifer.

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Shocking and horrible. Thanks for fighting and exposing this Jennifer!

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wow. such a powerful voice. you complete rock. thank you

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Wow I will re read and study this thoughtful piece that has the new language I needed to name what was obvious but obfuscated ! Great work Jennifer

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You do a service discussing issues like this one that are shunned by our 'so called journalists' to quote the non-voting congresswoman from the Virgin Islands, and I don't mean Matt Taibbi, who was called this by her regarding his exposing of Hamilton 68 and other bits of twitter file outrage. Thank You, you opened my eyes to what I suspected concerning the trans game.

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Excellent introduction and video. The world is finally catching on to the "transgender" scam, and it's about time.

Just yesterday, the Atlantic actually published an article called, "A Teen Gender-Care Debate Is Spreading Across Europe" with the subtitle "Doubts have now come to the Netherlands, where the most-contested interventions for children and adolescents were developed." Of course, the article didn't go far enough in condemning "transgender healthcare" (as potent an oxymoron as you and I will ever see). But it's a step in the right direction. And it's encouraging that this article actually made its way into in the all woke woke/pro-"trans" Atlantic.


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With friends I've put 7000 out of their misery during their Day of Vengeance. While doing a paper with a psychiatrist, we interviewed thousands who regretted transitioning, it just wasn't real.

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Great message! Making America great by murdering and better by butchering will be the end of the the the 'home of the free.' It is about time we all recognize that it is not about party lines but about coming together to save the country. There are medical protocols that must be dismantled and much work to be done. There are already tens of thousands injured and maimed by the 'gender' industry and more than that in the recent 'vaccine' program.

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As Fauci & pals said in the 2019 universal flu vax talk: Give financial incentives, and the industry will follow. I would almost bet it's no different here. There is somehting bigger, overarching. The ruthless money grabbers here are donkeys led by carrot sticks themselves.

This is just one of many angles from how to destroy existing society, to ultimately be able to "Build Back Better" ("better" in the view of neofeudalists, who like to keep a certain population size as cattle)

After all, the ideas for this stuff do not come from those who today make money with it. Whether the rest of my hypothesis holds water is one story - but that it's someone else's idea and other motives than mammon, seems pretty clear.

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Yayyyyyy! 💖 Thank you for this article. And for letting me know there is an LGB organization. I've been saying to myself the lgb's need to distance themselves from the t's and any other letters related to this extreme trans movement. I'm so glad to see more people rising up for women's sports, women's private spaces and fundamental biological reality. The soul does not have a biological sex or gender, and the Soul inhabits the body. For the soul to be grounded in this reality and express through it, it needs to be grounded in biological reality of a person's body. And I am heartbroken over people having surgeries without enough support to contemplate whether it's the best thing for them, and without explicitly being told of the risks to their ability to fully orgasm without their genital nerves intact, or the inability to breastfeed a baby for the rest of a woman's life. It's so awful for those who regret it.

I got into this conversation with my son and daughter-in-law not knowing that it would escalate into a very intense conversation. It was painful.

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Been following your stuff for a while. Read this short substack article at the TransAtlantic if you get a moment, I think you might find it interesting (if not exactly bespiriting)…


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I have been sharing and the attacks are absurd, like herd behavior.

And then they talk about hate crimes…


I coined the term, kind of a joke, for my culture,

neo-machismo = if you cannot win them over, join them. As this closet machos,

are so jealous and full of envy because of our power…

They want to become us. But they will never be us. No matter if they cut their pp’s, have an overdose of atrazine, or inject themselves with vaccines with adjuvants that may change sex, ha, ha…

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