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Jennifer Bilek is an exceptional author. Every article is so well written and factual. Her research is so thorough. I so deeply appreciate her valuable contribution to the good of mankind.

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Thank you, Well expressed! You are really shinning a light on a hidden development in our oh so demented western culture.. I really was not aware of how extensive its become... nor how important it is to understand it, so we can effectively treat it... ultimate product - a perverse fusion of man and machine... what a freaking nightmare..

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Beautiful writing and excellent research. Thank you!

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Jennifer, your research is so helpful in following information to its roots and understanding this madness. Thank you.

Sharing a few links you might be interested in ... https://www.corbettreport.com/what-is-the-trans-agenda-questions-for-corbett-video/ - About the transhumanism / posthumanism / transgender connections.

And, I think you're also in NYC(?) ... This is a wonderful woman running for NY State Senate, a retired teacher who understands what's happening with indoctrination in schools. Progressive values without the hypocrisy around bodily autonomy, and with an understanding of the harms of the trans agenda ...


Thank you ...

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Let us stop using the wrong terms to describe problems with the culture and our society at large. There are no "Gay" people or culture, they are homosexuals. Homosexuality is a sexually degenerate culture, i.e., for sexual pleasure ONLY. This, on an individual level, is fairly innocuous. When used as a political tool for invading the largely saner portions of our cultural society, then it becomes not only harmful but extremely destabilizing to society at large. Without the normalization of homosexuality in our culture, none of the Transgenderist and/or Transhumanist movements would be possible. This is akin to the normalization, culturally, of marijuana use as a steppingstone to the broader use of more potent drugs by certain sectors of society. We can all attest to the destabilization of our culture and the attendant country at large. We must develop our own cultural tools to combat this plague being foisted on humanity by a cabal of elitists with no intellectual boundaries. Who can and will do anything to the rest of humanity as they believe themselves to be their own "gods". Nothing is more dangerous to humanity than people in positions of power, wealth and influence with no conscience. They are at the very least, narcissists, and at the very most, psychotics, with no personal boundaries. God help us.

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"for sexual pleasure ONLY. This, on an individua l level, is fairly innocuous."

No. Using another for sexual pleasure ONLY is to dehumanise them. It's far from innocuous, though the idea this is ok seems to be etched in stone since the sixties. The individual pleasing their self regardless of the impact on the person they are deriving that pleasure from can only be harmful.

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Precise and accurate analysis. Good on ya', mate!👍

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Hi Marek. I'm sorry you see it as a double standard, or a toxic horror, that many who find fault with the medicalized trans push & it's connections to transhumanism, sterilization, and child sacrifice, are also gay / lesbian / bi, or have no problem at all with people who are gay / lesbian / bi.

Homosexuality / bisexuality are natural ways to be human, for some people. For many, it's about love as well as sex. For some it may be more about sex, for others it may be more about love.

It's also a natural way to be human to feel more of an affinity for the other gender, a sense of feeling more like that gender than one's own. That can lead to a more fulfilled life if not conditioned to equate those feelings with misery needing a toxic and impossible solution.

It's not a natural way to be human to medically interfere with the deeply human process of puberty, or to cut off the amazing parts we were born with. It's not natural to merge human with machine, under false pretenses, with no real informed consent.

Yes, trans is hijacking the gay rights movement, also with the mind-virus that says anyone who has problems with kids on puberty blockers or drag shows for kids or the pronouns which are gateways to medicalization, is homophobic and judges everyone who is not in a heterosexual, monogomous relationship.

Some of the gay rights movement has been loud, obnoxious, narcissistic, even without being trans or cross dressing. But you have a serious judgement of everyone not heterosexual.

Homosexuality isn't going away. Those who draw the line at hormones, surgeries, and things that are intended to lead children in those directions, draw the line there because there Is a line there to be drawn.

Homophobia feeds the narrative that schools and organizations use to destroy families. "If your parents don't embrace your 'decision' to change your biology, they're too judgemental to be told the truth", and then there are different names and pronouns used at school, secrets kept from parents, and laws about kids being able to consent to transgender "affirmation" procedures when they are too young to make any serious decisions. Many trans kids are actually gay. "Affirmation" is a Newspeak word meaning the opposite of what it's used as - to actually affirm someone is to accept how they are, masculine / feminine energy, attraction to the same sex, and not mean destroying bodies to change the physical biology one is born with.

Working together is important. https://pitt.substack.com/p/standing-together

"Looking around the room, we realized that we had pulled it off. The room was filled with disparate groups with one singular goal: to stop medicalizing gender non conforming youth. Gays Against Groomers and Traditional Values for Next Generations stood together. Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Atheists and Agnostics stood together. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party members and Libertarians stood together. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, lawyers, activists, teachers, entertainment executives, parents and grandparents, homosexuals and straight people stood together. We can only defeat this monster as a coalition."

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Ellen, you have lots to say on this topic-- when are you starting your own substack blog?


Commenting here so I remember to Follow you in the future.

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Are you accusing the heartbroken parents of PITT of pedophilia, in actions or thoughts? I've read almost every article there for a few months, and never saw anything remotely resembling sexual attraction to children, or being OK with pedophilia. Some parents write about being accepting of their teenager's homosexuality, and / or gender nonconformity. But that's not - at all - the same as pedophilia.

Not saying there are no gay pedos, but there are also straight ones too. Grooming isn't only a trans thing, it's a predator thing, and, true, not every predator is into the trans agenda. But the conflation of homosexuality with pedophilia, as if to assume that every gay person sexually exploits children, or wants to, is not true.

One could find plenty of examples of straight men who exploit children. I'm sure you are appalled by that also ... but without conflating accusations that every straight man is a pedophile.

"Sexual" and "kid" don't go together, regardless of the sexuality ... I think in an ideal world, no one would have sexual feelings until they're old enough to understand and respect that energy, and make choices that support their developed inner knowing of what's right for them and anyone they're with.

But there's the fact that puberty, a natural process, can bring sexual feelings for people who are also young and vulnerable. Adults speaking to them about sexuality in ways that are actually deeply respectful of the vulnerability of youth, isn't necessarily a bad thing - but that's not what's happening now in what's called "age appropriate" sex education, but really is indoctrination that seeks to manipulate, not respect.

If every human is naturally heterosexual, then every child is born in a body that when it begins to feel sexual feelings, if not for LGBT++ indoctrination, will be attracted to the opposite sex. But there are still many years after that child's birth when they will be too young to engage in sex, and the idea of children in sexual situations with someone of the opposite sex, in a power-over, exploitive way, is evil. As is the same situation with someone of the same sex.

It's not objectively obvious that homosexuality is evil. If one conflates it with grooming and pedophilia, then yes there is evil there. But that's not a fair nor accurate assumption to declare that homosexuality = pedophilia.

Do you really think that most people fighting the child transing are trying to protect a pipeline of kids to sexually exploit? Sure, maybe a few are. Most are trying to protect children from destroying their bodies, and hold accountable the liars and butchers who spin, believe, or pretend to believe, toxic generalizations that are based on a certainty of belief, which is sure it's right, and can't be questioned ...

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