I find it appalling that extremely wealthy people feel entitled to push their warped agenda on the sick and confused. Equally disturbing is the number who drink the kool-aid, and the number of health workers willing to destroy human bodies for the almighty dollar. Their "progressive" ideas are driving society into medieval barbarism.

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Beyond vile. It's diabolical.

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When Christ first made the statement that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, He wasn't kidding. And now we know why.

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Aren't yet " quarantine" camps for these dangerous evil mind sick people...? Than that's something very wrong with america, the land of all the posibilities.

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So now, I gather from Dr Oleseski that Gender "dysphoria" is out and Gender "expansiveness" is in.

Which means that we can dispense with that at one time so all important diagnostic label of GENDER DYSPHORIC: Poof! Just like that! It's just like it never was. Imagine that!! It was just a vacuous term used to con everyone initially into believing that "GENDER DYSPHORIA" was a tragic condition for those that had it, and transitioning was the ONLY SOLUTION, otherwise they would susceptible to committing suicide. So the sufferers were given an official, rubber stamp WPATH diagnosis of GENDER DYSPHORIC so that they could be officially inducted into the program. All very above board with uttermost concern for correct procedure to follow in riding the Transgender Express.

Now apparently they can dispense with the diagnosis and cut right to the chase? Why limit transgendering to those with an official diagnosis? Open body and hormonal mutilation up to those who merely feel "Gender Expansive" IOW, TRANSGENDERISM FOR EVERYBODY...

So this whole GENDER DYSPHORIA schtick was not real, it was a con to soften up the world and get them to feel sorry for those who claimed to be "GENDER DYSPHORIC so that the Transgendering industry could gain acceptance and get firmly established. It was all a huge lie....

....Like the brouhaha surrounding the Quackzines

Doesn't this fakery just make anyone with intact cognitive functions want to really trust the MedicalPharmaceutical Cartel Corporatocracy?

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Reading this is like entering the town infected by the Andromeda Strain... the whole town cut down in mid-step at once... a terrifying contagion scientists race with time to contain. This huge Pritzker family controlling insane wealth... and competing with each other, trying to steal money from the younger ones (I just looked them up on Wikipedia... 'kids' had to sue their aunts and uncles to get MERELY hundreds of millions compared to the billion 'senior' members got, like ten or eleven members! One of those 'kids' is the child actress who played SARA CREWE in, you know it, A Little Princess! decades after the Shirley Temple version, AND, she played the daughter in AIR FORCE ONE, one of my favorites and her big scene being carried on a rope from jetliner to jetliner at umpty-thousand feet is not kidding, one of my first social media posts because I love that scene--it's Leisl Pritzker!) and how are they all so gutless and spineless as to follow the mentally ill-est of them into transsexual transhumance nasty terrible destructive inhumane made up "fields of psychology"?

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Have you ever heard of "biopsychology?" I hadn't before a few month ago, either. But here is a description of it:


It's a form of social science, not natural medical science. Biopsychology "science" offers this rationale for changing public policy to conform to gender identity...it is "science" you know, "the best science" we must follow, The Science (TM):


As with all of the social science based-public policy agenda, practitioners use a tiny bit of actual medical, natural science to build on and expand an entire narrative to fit the desired public policy goal of leaders and a powerful elite.

Like this study that says that the zygote stage of an embryo is often ambiguous in determining gender. And since the science of genetics as presented in a study like this is plausibly non-determinative it is up to any individual to identify as a gender of their own choosing that they feel most comfortable as. This is the hard science informing physicians today who are mutilating children with induced gender dysphoria:


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